Friday, July 12, 2024

Eyewitness News has revealed that F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone has told them that Cape Town will host a Formula One street race in the next two years.

In February this year, the Cape Times reported that a local consortium had been invited to picth a racetrack to the FIA that was centred around the Waterfront, Greenpoint and even running through the Greenpoint stadium.

The proposal is apparently weeks away from being signed: ”I’m hoping we can make a decision as soon as our lawyers have a good look at them… within the next couple of weeks,” Ecclestone has been reported as saying.


EWN Reporter Jean Smyth, talking on 567 CapeTalk this afternoon, said he took a few weeks to get some time with Ecclestone. He added that Ecclestone was quite cagey with details, but was confident that the race will happen.

In the interview (recording posted below) a softly spoken Ecclestone said that as soon as there is a contract in place, things will happen within two years, in Cape Town.

Ecclestone would not be drawn on any further details about the track, or placement of the track. He said if the race could be organised in Johannesburg that would be good.

Reporter Smyth asks towards the end of the interview: “According to you, Cape Town has a real chance of holding an F1 Grand Prix in two years?” to which Ecclestone replies: “Yes”.

There is a tonne of paperwork, licensing and money that goes into staging an F1 Grand Prix, so there is much to iron out before this happens. But that sort of answer from that sort of person is good enough for me to get excited.