Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Audi has unmasked the A5 DTM concept, much to the excitement of auto enthusiasts.  Interestingly, Audi has done the release prior to the grand opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new model is  expected to replace the car maker’s four-door A4 DTM that had grabbed the DTM title for the brand four times, starting  2004.

The automaker, though, is still quiet on the performance details and specifics of the vehicle. However, it has been revealed that the car –  internally termed R17 –  will be equipping a high-strength carbon-fiber monocoque with a steel roll cage that is fully-compliant with the most recent safety regulations.

The power train will be a V8 engine adapted with slight tweaks from an A4 DTM. The engine returns approximately 460 PS (340 kW / 456 PS) of power.

Though the unmasking was of a pre-facelift replica, Audi has clarified that the final production edition will have a design based on the 2012 A5 Coupe. The car might hit the street by the end of 2011 or early 2012.

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