Sunday, December 3, 2023
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DTM aggression is heating up. We had a peep into the BMW’s rendering when it officially unmasked the M3 DTM concept race car. The covers of the M3 concept were pulled to for public view and the product looked all set to debut in the tracks against the likes of the German rivalries Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

The rivalry climbed on to a higher level with Audi showing off its DTM concept hours before the BMW event.

BMW has not only revealed its super sleek designed car but also the drivers for the DTM. BMW Motorsport drivers Andy Priaulx (GB) and Augusto Farfus (BR) will helm the car in DTM

The prototype will be on exhibit over the weekend at BMW Welt inMunich. The BMW M3 DTM will carry an air restricted V8 engine and will produce roughly about approximately 480 PS (353 kW / 473 bhp).

The motorcar takes just 3 seconds to hit 100 km/ph from zero and can hit a top speed at a 300 km/ph (186mph).

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