Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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The first line in the press release mentions Bulgarian Design Studio, Vilner. Call me narrow minded, but I can’t think of the last automotive marvel to eminate from the eastern block country. Which I suppose is why this Vilner Cherokee is so special.

Starting life as a previous-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, an already powerful SUV, the car first made a stop at legendary/insane tuning house Henessy, where they boosted the cars 400horses to a frankly frightening 600hp. Thankfully that power is distributed via all 4 wheels, or the owner would go through rear tyres like Chappies.


Dubbed the SRT-600, after arriving in Bulgaria, the car then underwent the Vilner transformation, the results of which you are currently viewing. The car has been created to the custom spec of the owner, who is not named.

Apparently much attention was paid to the steering wheel; covered in Alcantara, the owner wanted a very specific shape and feel. The rest of the interior follows a similar style, swathed in red and black Alcantara, combined with black leather, trimmed with ornamental red seams.

External modifications, besides the bodywork were made to the headlights, with daytime LEDs added and Xenon headlamps fitted, rounding off the new, hyper-aggressive look.

If your heart has always desired a muscular American SUV with crazy power and a Bulgarian-inspired interior, Vilner Design Studio will tailor each project to the individual.

Ciro De Siena – OverdriveTV

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