Monday, December 4, 2023
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Ahead of its global debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in November, Mazda has released the first images of its Takeri concept car 2011.

The swooping mid-sized saloon is the latest recipient of the Japanese marque’s Kodo design language, that made its debut in production form on the all-new CX-5 compact crossover. Translated as “soul of motion” the Takeri reveals some details about the possible styling of the upcoming Mazda 6 range, expected in 2012.

Images show a three box saloon with voluptuous curves augmenting its bodywork and while the nose resembles that of a recent Mercedes concept, the design presented is distinctive.


Through a series of advancements in powertrain, chassis and body technology, the Takeri utilises Mazda’s SkyActiv Technology, including its regenerative breaking system, that aims to reduce fuel consumption. The technology makes for an economic ride by converting kinetic energy to electricity during deceleration, storing it in capacitors and using it to power the vehicle electrically. The power of the Takeri’s SkyActiv-D engine provides a comfortable, lightweight and aerodynamic drive.

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