Friday, December 8, 2023
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Among the seven concept cars that will be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Honda is including the new Small Sports EV Concept. As with many of its competitiors the Japanese automaker has decided to go with an electric theme for this year’s show displaying concept vehicles designed for easy and fun mobility in future cities.

While very little information has been revealed about the new full EV, one can see from the sketches the car’s targa top, heavily scalloped sides and bold graphic running around the front of the car following the shape of the grille.

The Small Sports EV Concept

According to Honda the Small Sports EV “maximizes the fun of driving while achieving excellent environmental performance.”

Another interesting battery powered concept, that will be on display, is the super compact Micro Commuter that Honda says offers a new type of communication between people and mobility, offers an exterior that can be easily customized for each driver and if produced, would be accessible to the masses. At first glance, in terms of design, the Micro Commuter closely resembles that of Nissan’s new EV, the Pivo 3 also expected in Tokyo.


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