Friday, December 8, 2023
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Designed to mark six decades of winning in Formula 1, Ferrari is launching a special edition 599, called the 599 GTB 60F1 and here are the first pictures.  Froilan Gonzalez won Ferrari’s first F1 race in in 1951 and 60 years later, Fernando Alonso won Ferrari’s first race of the current season.

Based on the HGTE version of the 599 GTB, visually the 60F1 has styling flourishes inspired by Gonzalez’s 375 and Alonso’s 150° Italia F1 cars. Customers will have a choice of three liveries including: The 375 F1 colour scheme with a scarlet first used back in the 1950s, the 150° Italia hues with the latest-generation rosso paint and white lower bumpers, A-pillars and buttresses and a version of the above but without the bling-white A-pillars. All the cars get 20 inch diamond-finish forged alloy wheels, satin-finish fuel filler cap and scuderia shields painted on the front wings.

The interior showcases Sabelt straps, dark technical fabrics and grippy Alcantara. A numbered plaque on the dashboard will feature the signatures of both Gonzalez and Alonso.

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