Monday, December 4, 2023
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Jaguar has already surprised enthusiasts with two-tone black gloss D-pillars on the XJ and, more recently, on the new XF Sportbrake estate. Now Car Magazine has snapped some spy shots of Jaguar’s XJ two-tone black gloss limo prototype in Coventry, England.

It’s a metallic grey regular-wheelbase XJ, but with black gloss front bumper assembly and rear valance. The look is quite shocking for a Jaguar and looks almost as if Ian Callum’s designers went overboard with a black gloss spray gun.

Does this mean that Jaguar will now be selling two-tone XJs? Well not exactly since this is in fact a prototype and as of now there are no plans to offer a factory-approved accessories kit with more gloss scattered around the bodywork.


This two-tone XJ is powered by the V6 engine – so it could be a testbed for future derivatives of the bent six, bound for sportier looking cars than this four-door exec.

However there have been rumours that that Jaguar may be using XJ limos to test the new V6 powertrain destined for its new sports car heralded by the C-X16 coupe. The company sells a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine for export markets such as China but doesn’t sell the car in the UK.

A reason for this test is Jaguar is busy readying four-wheel systems for its saloons including the 4wd XJ and XF that are expected to be unveiled imminently.

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