Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Ahead of its debut at the Paris Motor Show, the F-TYPE is once again put through high-speed testing by engineers showcased in a series of films.

In ‘Fierce’, filmed at the Nardo Test Facility in Italy, the F-TYPE is put through the most rigorous high-speed testing by Jaguar’s engineers. The unique ring shaped track means that test drivers can not only VMax the car but it’s also possible to stress test at the most extreme high temperatures.

Watch as the F-TYPE is pushed to its limits to ensure outstanding performance:

The film ‘Focused’ was filmed at The Nürburgring motorsports complex in Germany. Nürburgring features a Grand Prix race track and an older “North Loop” track, nicknamed the “Green Hell” by Jackie Stewart, which is widely considered one of the most demanding purpose built racing circuits in the world – there is nowhere else like the Nordschleife (the North Loop).

Here the car is tested through a series of sustained high speed laps with rapid changes of direction, gradient, speed, braking, and surface to help refine the cars set up, damping, braking systems, for the most punishing lap on the Green Hell. Proving the cars sporting credentials and real world liveability:

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View more images of the F-TYPE in the gallery below:

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