Monday, December 4, 2023
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SeriousHP, a performance store known for their +1500 RWHP Supra, has just released a Turbo Kit for the Ferrari Modena. As a result, the supercar originally rated at 300 RWHP is now producing a solid 650 RWHP on pump gas.

To reach this level of performance the Ferrari has been fully reinforced, the main modifications of which include an engine that has been fully equipped with forged internals, a 67-66 Precision Turbo, upgraded fuel system, reinforced transmission and new Pro-Efi engine management equipped with multiple engine protection systems to avoid engine failures.

At the end two words have driven this project: reliability and stock Ferrari feeling, this kit being as close as possible to the original creations from Maranello factory.

For more about this upgrade, watch the video below:

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