Friday, July 12, 2024

Take a look at Vilner’s two new projects – the BMW 5-Series F10 and 6-Series M F12 both received full modifications from the luxury tuning specialists.

Both vehicles were foiled in white matte and new spoilers were added to the rear hoods.

The true craftsmanship of Vilner however can be seen throughout the interior of both models. While the interior of the 5-Series was entirely changed, the white theme was continued inside the coupe with white leather wrapping and contrast created with accents of black and red.

The rearview mirror was wrapped in Alcantara, which has become somewhat of a trademark for Vilner’s interior styling modifications.

For the 6 Series model, the tuning professionals changed only certain details. The steering wheel was also modified with an ivory coloured Alacantra.

In addition, the airbag, ceiling, the back of the rear seats, the rearview mirror and all plastic elements of the seats as well as those around the rest of the vehicle were wrapped in Alcantara.

For more, watch the video below: