Saturday, December 9, 2023
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If you thought that charity events were bland, boring and uneventful – think again.

A group of fundraisers in the small town of Shropshire in the UK, decided to raise funds for their church in order to buy a new organ.

Forget apple crumble and tea, this group decided they should have an exciting event – and in the end it caused quite a spectacle!

The group employed a Trebuchet to hurl an old Peugeot straight across a field! A Trebuchet is an old, medieval catapult that was used often during the Middle Ages.

A Trebuchet is so powerful, that in the past it was used to hurl sharp wooden poles, huge rocks, darts, firebrands and basically anything the soldiers could find to protect their land and fend off their enemies.

The Trebuchet used at this charity event was dubbed the Dionysus (although Dionysus was the mythical god of fertility and wine) it stood 18 meters tall and looked every bit as powerful as it did in the 1300‘s.

The group successfully loaded and launched the old red Peugeot across a field much to the enjoyment of the crowd. They didn’t stop there, however, and also hurled a church organ (we are assuming it’s the old one) and, for a cinematic effect, a petrol bomb.

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Just as the old organ, the little red Peugeot was a shattered mess after it was launched an incredible 30 meters up in the air and came crashing down.

The Peugeot might not drive ever again, but it was all for a good cause and some historic entertainment.

And in the end, the Peugeot and the Dionysus managed to raise enough funds for the church to buy a well-deserved new organ.

Check out the video below:

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