Saturday, July 13, 2024

The annual Goodwood Festival of Speed is to be held this weekend in West Sussex, England. And in honour of the great festival, we are taking a look at the hottest new supercars making their debut at Goodwood this year.

This years festival is set to be something quite spectacular because it is the 20th anniversary of this popular festival. And it is obvious that the public knows that this year will be something special, as the tickets to the festival has already been sold out!

With an expected attendance of 185 000+ spectators, the organizers have made sure that the festival will not disappoint and that the spectators definitely get their money’s worth.

One of the main attractions at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, is the Supercar Run and the First Glance classes. These events gather the latest and most exciting new, high performance models from around the world.

The Supercar Run and the First Glance classes not only attract the public, but many high profile names in the racing world. Formula One racers, car manufacturers and even celebrities queue to see the latest on offer in the world of

It’s times like these that we start praying for a festival like Goodwood to happen right here in South Africa… now wouldn’t that be exciting?!