Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Mercedes-Benz has come up with their rendition of a (very) futuristic looking new age golf cart.

This plug-in electric golf cart is electrically driven and powered by a solar panel charged battery. So it is not only a sleek, modernised version of a traditional golf cart, but a greener, eco-friendly option too.

The concept of this golf cart, being called ‘The Vision Golf Cart’ was developed by the Mercedes Advanced Design Centre in California. The design and the idea of the car is based on ideas that were submitted by golf and car fans for a competition. The winners would then be invited to the Open Championship.

The interior of this golf cart is definitely a far cry from today’s ‘simple’ golf carts. Firstly, both the ‘passenger’ and the ‘driver’ can drive the cart; there is a console mounted joystick in the center.

The cart also features a multimedia panel which includes a docking station for Apple products (iPad’s, iPod’s, iPhone’s). From this dock, various features can be controlled: the air-conditioning,  and the head-up display.

The head-up display truly looks like something straight out of a movie. It can be integrated into the windscreen to show the course layout and an updated leader board.

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If you have missed a shot or gone a bit skew, the ‘force-button’ will enable you to warn other players if they are within a danger zone – instead of embarrassing yourself and yelling “FOUR!”

Other features, that are typically Mercedes, include heated, electronically adjustable seats, optional click-in lightweight doors, a retractable lightning rod and cup holders that will keep your drinks either hot or cold.

This space-age golf cart might make you feel like you’re going for a game on Mars, but it sure makes the (sometimes tedious) game a whole lot smarter!

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