Friday, December 8, 2023
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Wiesmann, the German sports car manufacturer, has landed themselves in a bit of trouble!

The company has reportedly filed for bankruptcy. The official filing was made to a district court in Munster, but it had not specified any financial details.

However, the collapse of the company doesn’t come as a big surprise – their product line-up hasn’t seen many changes over the last couple of years.

Wiesmann opened it’s doors in 1993 and specialized in building both retro and futuristic sports cars. The engines and transmissions for these cars were supplied by BMW.

Sadly, according to reports from Motor Talk in Germany, the company had only been producing around 200 cars per year.

Two of Wiesmann’s most potent and successful models, the 547-horsepower GT MF5 and the track-ready GT MF4-CS are both wonderful cars with a performance like none other.

Only time will tell whether this truly is the end of Wiesmann, and if the company can still manage to get back on it’s feet. Here’s holding thumbs they do!

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