Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The new Ford concept car is almost like the perfect hero or Prince Charming in a fairytale.

The American company has revealed it’s latest MPV concept a few weeks ahead of it’s official debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

Ford’s new baby carries the S-Max name and is a testament to the next generation of the popular car of the same name that is sold outside of the United States.

The S-Max Concept features new styling details which will appear  on the Ford Motor Company models.

These include sleek, swept-back headlights, an indented lower spoiler and a high mounted grille.

The S-Max Concept is much more smooth and sleek in design – especially on the exterior. Sweeping character lines are key and extend to whole of the exterior.

The sweeping lines also run along the flanks – thus giving the impression of a car built for speed with a sleek, lengthy body.

In addition to the sleek lines and effortless class, the car also features stunning, sculptured shoulders – just like any beautiful car (or man) should have.

The lights also feature great LED elements.

On the inside, the Ford designers have decided that this car should be more ‘driver-focused’. Exceptional, high-quality materials have been used – some that you won’t necessarily expect from Ford.

The instrument panel is wrapped in soft leather as is the seats, with some carbon fibre on them too.

It is however, not only the design and look of the car that is impressive, the technologies for the concept are quite something too.

There is a wireless internet hotspot, a tablet docking station, a SYNC AppLink, which allows drivers to control their smartphone apps via voice activation and, just to show that this car could possibly be the perfect car (man), it also cares about you with it’s health and well-being system!

This health and wellbeing system features a heart rate monitoring seat, glucose monitoring systems and a call function; this will get you help from a medical practitioner. I mean, really?

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Driving related technologies include an environment monitoring system, a parking assistant (once again, perfect for women), Car 2 Car communications technology and a collision warning system.

Did I mention the car is ‘green’ too? The power comes from a 1.5 liter EcoBoost, which utilizes turbocharging, variable valve timing and direct-injection technology to provide you with enough performance to run all your errands and still help you save money and the planet by remaining fuel efficient!

Yet, like any dream man, the S-Max Concept remains just that: a concept.

Ford has no plans to launch the eventual production version of this stunning car in the U.S.

Ford says that the aim of the concept is to showoff the wide scope of technologies and styling the company is preparing for for it’s future generation of vehicles.

So, in the end, Prince Charming is just a tease – but if fairytales do come true, this car will definitely be marriage material!

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