Saturday, July 13, 2024

The beloved Mini is back and almost ready to unveil it’s all new, 2014 Mini Cooper.

Almost that is. The official unveiling of the much anticipated 2014 Mini Cooper has been scheduled for November 18 – but thanks to the people at Motor Authority, we can bring you some spy shots of the marvelous Mini. 

This third generation Mini is a whole new range of models.  Each one is based on a all new, front wheel drive platform. The 2014 Mini Cooper boasts a 3 cylinder engine rather than the old, 4 cylinder engine of it’s predecessor.

Developed with Mini’s parent company, BMW, the 2014 Mini is said to be the best yet.

From what we can gather from the sneaky spy shots, some of the exterior changes include a hexagonal radiator grille with auxiliary lights fixed in the grille. Also, the car features jewel-like tail lights and ring shaped daytime running lights.

With the 2014 Mini, the company hasn’t ventured too far into new territory when it comes to the interior. As expected, Mini has decided to stay true to their famous, retro-vintage interior look.

The 2014 Mini sure looks set to be a winner, so if you’re into smaller, cuter cars, you might want to start saving!

Check out the spy shots in the gallery below: