Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Celebrities make a lot of money. Celebrities in the music industry make even more money. And if you’re a hot shot singer/rapper/producer like Will.I.Am, you probably don’t know then end of your riches.

So, with all this money lying around, what do celebrities choose to spend their cash on? Well, mostly cars. Expensive and very much ‘out-ther’ cars. We’ve seen Lamborghini’s and Bugatti’s – but Will.I.Am takes the cake with this freakish, $900 000 custom car creation.

Wiil.I.Am had the car custom built for himself so that no one els in Hollywood would have the same car as him. The only problem is, according to the manufacturers, the man has absolutely no knowledge of cars. What. So. Ever.

Anyway, his custom car is said to be based on a 1958 Volkswagen Beetle and has been in the works since 2009.

We might see a little hint of a Beetle in the strange creation, but not nearly enough to say it was ‘inspired’ by it.

In the 4 years since it started production, Will.I.Am apparently changed is mind about what he wants more than he changes outfits in a day. However, he did requested Morgan fenders and a Bentley grille.

The engine is a  supercharged LS3 engine and, at Will’s request, had to be moved to the front of the car. Obviously, it was in the back to help out with the Beetle reference, but, alas, the only real Beetle reference was taken away.

Not really much more is said about Will.I.Am and his boldly blue car. Except that it’s strange. Like him.

What are your thoughts?

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