Thursday, December 7, 2023
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We all know that New York is famous for being a city that never sleeps, Wall Street and, of course, it’s famously below taxi’s.

With so many taxis in bustling city, what can you, as a cab driver, do to make sure you pick up more people than the other, equally yellow taxi’s? You pimp your ride, of course! And that’s exactly what this one cab driver did – and by pimp, we mean PIMPED!

Car Force One – that’s the name of the all new, decked-out cab in New York. A clever play on Barack Obama’s ride, Air Force One, this cab promises to bring you everything and then some.

CEO (read: owner) of Car Force One, Ishai, says his ‘company’s’ vision is simple: customer satisfaction.

“My company is not about the car, it’s about the service. It’s for the clients” he said.

Ishai has been a cab driver since 2009. He is also solely responsible for the modifications and improvements to his cab – he’s done them all himself.

But don’t think Ishai is going to stop there – he is also heading to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to get more pieces and additions for his cab.

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The additions that Car Force One has is actually quite unbelievable (also, that he can fit all of that in a normal sized cab). Check out the list(s) of all the extra’s you can expect one Car Force One. They are divided between comfort, multimedia and office:


  • Chargers for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, Samsung and BlackBerry phones on every side/seat
  • Remote controls throughout car to adjust lighting on/off and dimming
  • Phone holders near charging cables on sides of car
  • Mobile “bathroom,” as a client called it, side dock with: Victoria’s Secret lotions and colognes, hand sanitizers, Wet Ones to go and Kleenex to go
  • 3 coolers (2 for now) that serve as mini-bars, offering cold drinks such as: bottled water, orange juice, apple juice, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coors Light and Plans to add fruit salad cups
  • Mobile baby station with: bottle warmer, baby wipes warmer and paper towels
  • 2 full-size umbrellas, adding 2 smaller ones
  • Infant and toddler car seats and boosters
  • First-aid kit, emergency seat belt cutter, window breaker, fire extinguisher


  • 23-inch full HD 1920 x 1080p monitor that’s hooked up for 5 different uses: Internet, Blu-ray movies, live cable TV, gaming console and pictures and videos from SD card reader
  • Gaming console (Xbox 360 for now, he has already ordered PS4)
  • Live cable TV (Time Warner) with premium channels such as Disney and HBO
  • 2 headrest monitors hooked up to Blu-ray player
  • More than 200 titles of Blu- ray movies in a 2TB hard drive, an additional 30 titles for kids
  • Up-to-date magazines and newspapers


  • Fully functioning laptop hooked up to 23-inch monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse
  • 4G Wi-Fi that clients can connect to on their own devices
  • 3 mobile printers: 4 x 6 photo printer, an all-in-one scanner/printer, an HP OfficeJet printer
  • Adjustable table as a writing surface that holds the keyboard and mouse
  • SD card reader for memory card file transfer

Car Force One sure looks like it could give Obama’s ride a run for its money!

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